ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Since I purchased my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette for £41.00 off Cult Beauty in early November I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it.

In this blog post I will be informing you about the following;

  1. The packaging of the palette
  2. The palette itself
  3. Do I think it is worth the price?
  4. Favourite glam looks I have created with the palette and
  5. How you can get your hands on it.

1. The packaging of the palette;

The palette comes in a slim pink cardboard box. On the front is the name of the palette and the ABH logo, on the back are the ingredients of each eye shadow and details about the palette such as that it is cruelty free and made in the USA. There is also a picture of the palette next to the ingredients.

Now onto the actual palettes packaging, it comes in a slim pink velvet rectangular box with Modern Renaissance embossed on to it, there is a decent sized mirror and the palette snaps shut. In my opinion the packaging is extremely similar to the original Urban Decay Naked palette. I have travelled with this palette and have found it to be sturdy and protective of the eye shadows. The packaging in my opinion is pretty, feminine and luxurious. I am particular about packaging especially when it is a premium priced product and I love the packaging of this palette.

2. The palette itself;

This is the first permanent palette ABH have ever had and what a fantastic one it is to have as their first!

According to the ABH U.S. website the Modern Renaissance Palette is “An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening. Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula, 11 matte shades; 3 metallic, Dual-sided soft bristle brush”

I would mostly agree with this description of the palette. The shades blend so easily and are beautifully pigmented. Almost all the shades appear as they are in the pan when I swatch them or are apply it to the lid.

The only shades I take issue with are the two metallic shades I’ve tried which are Vermeer and Primavera aren’t as metallic as I’d like. However, I have a remedy for this, I spray my packing brush with Mac Fix + then pick up the product and apply it to my lid and it gives it my preferred finish.

Now for the brush, normally I do not like the brushes that come with palettes. However, I adore half of the one that comes with this palette. It is a duel-ended brush and one end is the perfect blending brush! I have an up close picture of the blending end in the picture below. However, the other end of the brush I could take it or leave it, for a packing brush I find it to be too dense for my personal preference.


3. Do I think it is worth the price point?;

This will not come as a surprise, but in short, yes I do. It is the best palette I own and I assure you I own a considerable amount of palettes, but that’s a conversation for a different blog post.

In my opinion the palette is the perfect autumnal/ winter palette. Will it stop me wearing it in spring/ summer? Not a chance I don’t follow  “makeup rules” because I believe there is only one rule in makeup and that is to match your face to your neck!

As I’ve said at the beginning I paid £41.00. I feel like the price point of the palette is perfect and when I hit pan I will be repurchasing.


4. Favourite glam looks I’ve created with the palette;

As you can probably guess I have a *slight* obsession with this palette! It is my go too palette for glam looks, now you can use it for softer looks but so far I’ve only used it for nights out. I also used two Inglot pigments for these looks. I shall name them and link them underneath the pictures.

My two favourite looks I have created with the palette are a cranberry and rose gold eye look and a cranberry and gold look.

First up is the cranberry and rose gold eye look


I used Burnt Orange and Golden Ochre mixed together as my transition shade, Red Ochre mixed with Realgar for my crease, I then applied Venetian Red all over my lid especially on the outer v of the lid to deepen it and really get the cranberry effect I wanted for the look. I placed Inglot Pigment 119 on the middle section to inner corner of my lid over top of Venetian Red to get my desired rose gold look. For my lower lash line I mixed Love Letter and Primavera together to get a different shade of rose gold to that on my lid. My brow bone and inner corner highlight is the top left  shade in the Morphe 35os palette!

The cranberry and gold look

I used the exact same shades as in the first look but I only applied Venetian Red on the outer v of the lid, then i packed on Primavera onto the rest of my lid and applied Inglot Pigment 118 over top of it. Everything else about the eye look I kept the same as the rose gold look. 

5. How you can get your hands on the Modern Renaissance Palette.

The main reason I ordered from Cult Beauty was that there are no customs charges as it is a U.K. website, whereas there would have been if I had purchased the palette from ABH U.S. website. I’ve received three orders from the U.S. website and each time I’ve been charged customs.

Since I have purchased the palette ABH have launched a U.K. website. Unfortunately, as I write this they only currently ship to the U.K., Germany and France and are adding more locations soon per the information on their shipping page of the website. There is a way around this dilemma and that is Parcel Motel. According to Parcel Motel Services webpage it is possible for you to:

“Unlock stores; shop with hundreds of online retailers across the UK and Europe who don’t deliver to the R.O.I. and get access to a broad range of additional products from Amazon and eBay.”

At time of writing the palette is currently out of stock on Cult Beauty, where its price is £41.00 . However, it is in stock on ABH U.K. website where it is priced at £41.00, and ABH U.S. website where it is retailing for $42.00.

If you have the palette, please let me know your opinion of it in the comments section! I’d also love to know if you found my review useful so please tell me in the comments what you though of it!

Just a little disclaimer, all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. This post is not sponsored.

Thanks for reading and I shall be posting another blog next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week!

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I'm am a 23 year old Irish girl. I've a love for beauty and anything that sparkles hence the name. I'm not a trained makeup artist I just try products see how I feel about them and then review them!

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