Vichy Dermablend Foundation and Corrective Stick review.


I will be filling you in on my opinion on the following:

  1. The foundations coverage,
  2. The foundations price,
  3. The foundations packaging,
  4. What I love and what disapoints me about the foundation and,
  5. A brief overview of the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick.

  1. The foundations coverage:

The coverage of the foundation is medium to full. I have extremely rosy cheeks and red pigmentation on most my face and Dermablend covers my redness so well! The foundation feels so light weight and luxurious on my skin. The coverage is very buildable, I find that a little bit of foundation hides a multitude. The shade that suits me best is Opal 15, which is the palest shade. However, when I wear fake tan, I use the second palest shade which is Nude 25. I have very dark purple pigmentation in my under-eye area. Using the Vichy foundation and the Vichy Corrective Stick really does help reduce the appearance of this dark pigmentation. However, I find the dark circles are still slightly visible so I use Urban Decays Naked Skin concealer in shade Light Warm to cover the pigmentation completely.

bare-v-foundationOn the left I’ve nothing on my face. Whereas, on the right I have my eyebrows filled in, Mac Natural Radiance Radiant Yellow and Dermablend Opal 15 Foundation on my face.

  1. The foundations price:

In boots the foundation is priced at €21.99 for 30ml of product. This in my opinion very reasonable for what you get. It is middle of the road in terms of what I would be prepared to pay for foundation. I have tried more expensive high end foundations that do not offer such excellent coverage and do not feel half as luxurious on my skin. Cheaper foundations tend to  just slide of my face and/or oxidize no matter what primer, setting powder or setting spray I use. Vichy Dermablend is my go to foundation so I think it is worth the price.

opal-15-v-nude-25In the picture on the left I have no fake tan on and I am wearing shade Opal 15 in the foundation and corrective stick. In the photo on the right I had fake tan on and was wearing shade Nude 25 in the foundation and corrective stick.

  1. The foundations packaging:

The packaging is basic. Its predominately black, has the main information such as what it is, shade, amount of product, etc. in different languages on the outer box and the same can be said for tube the foundation comes in. I am not a fan of the packaging it is squeeze tube that looks cheap. I feel I never get all the product out of squeeze tubes be it moisturisers, foundation, etc. One flaw in the packaging I found annoying is that if I leave the tube standing lid down the foundation slightly leeks into the cap. However, if you leave the tube standing lid up, it will prevent the leaking. Below are photos of the outer packaging and the packaging the products are contained in.

  1. What I love and what disappoints me about this foundation:

I’ll discuss what I love first, it gives phenomenal coverage! I am very self-conscience when it comes to the severity of the red pigmentation on my face. I want full coverage but I want it to be natural too and I get that from this foundation. The price for the confidence boost and coverage it gives me is amazing in my opinion! It has a SPF of 35, I’ve very fair skin and burn easily so and having a foundation that gives me protection from harmful sun rays means I do not have to purchase an extra product especially for that purpose. I can leave the foundation on from morning until night and my skin will not feel agitated by prolonged wear like it has done with other foundations.
bare-to-nude-25On the left my face is makeup free. on the right, I’m full glam with Nude 25 foundation and corrector stick because I was wearing fake tan and even though it is a shade darker than my everyday Opal 15 it still matches my face which did not have fake tan on it.
This next point I am about to make in regards to the foundation and corrective stick I neither love nor am I disappointed by this, I just find it odd.When I first apply the foundation and corrective stick I find them to appear yellow on my skin but say half an hour after I’ve finished my makeup they match my skin perfectly. I’ve included a picture below to demonstrate what I mean.

On the left I just have my brows filled in, primer, Opal 15 Foundation and Cover Stick on my face. However, on the right, I have my full face of makeup on and the foundation and concealer are the perfect match for my skin tone.

Now for what disappoints me about this foundation; it broke down and separated into my pores the first day I wore it. I used my usual Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Radiant Yellow primer, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray to keep my makeup in place that day as I normally would. In an attempt to give Dermablend another chance I bought Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder and this powder kept the foundation in place throughout the day. I  have continued to use this powder with the foundation and it stays put all day long! It just slightly annoys me  that I have to use a high end setting powder to keep the product on. Saying that, a little goes a long way with the powder and after using it for three months I still have a lot of powder left. The powder is white in the compact, but is colourless when applied to the skin.

Unfortunately, the SPF of the foundation is also a disappointing factor because it causes flash back in photos. On nights out and special occasions I wear fake tan and in order to match my face to my tan I wear shade Nude 25 in the foundation and Corrective Stick. The flash back caused by the SPF can make my face look like it is a lot paler than my tan in photographs, even though in person they are the same colour. One serious issue I have with the product is that the shade selection is minimal. Choice is limited as there is only 5 shades. I feel that there should be more shades in order to match more skin tones.

  1. A brief overview of the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Stick:

The price of the Corrective Stick is €16.99 in Boots for 4.5g of product. The corrective stick comes in the same shades as the foundation. I am shade Opal 15 when pale and shade Nude 25 when I wear fake tan. The outer packaging of the Corrective Stick is similar to that of the foundation. However, the corrective stick comes in a tube like that of a lipstick, you twist it to get at the product. I’ve included photos of the product and it’s packaging below. I use approximately one and a half Corrective Sticks per tube of foundation. I use the concealer all over my face just for that extra bit of coverage over the redness. The cover stick has an SPF of 30 so should protect against harmful sun rays but it will cause flashback in photos.

There is one thing that really irks me about the Cover Stick and that is that it always snaps near the end of the tube. I’ve gone through about four cover sticks in total between shades Opal 15 and Nude 25 and every single one has broken. I am very careful with how I handle my makeup and have never had makeup break on me before because of mishandling, unfortunately the Corrective Stick just snaps.

However, I do feel that Cover Stick is worth the money and I shall be continuing to use it and will be repurchasing.


Left: nothing on, middle: brows filled, primer, Opal 15 foundation, right: brows filled, primer, Opal 15 foundation and corrective stick.

You can see what a massive difference the corrective stick makes to the under eye and redness that was still visible.

If you have the foundation and/ or cover stick, please let me know what you think of it in the comments. Also I’d love to hear your opinion on my review so please tell me your thoughts.

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. Prices quoted are correct at time of writing. This post is not sponsored.

Thank you for reading! My next blog post will be next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week.



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