My Holy Grail Primer

For this weeks blog I’ll be telling you all about my favourite primer, Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance.
What I will be filling you in on:

1. Product information,

2. Why I love it,

3. Price and

4. Packaging.

1. Product Information:

The product description on the Mac Cosmetics website “a makeup primer that’s specifically beneficial for oily and combination skin types. A silky gel emulsion, rich in natural ingredients, that hydrates and primes to improve foundation or powder application, control oil and promote smooth texture. Vitamins E and C protect with antioxidants, while caffeine calms skin. Illuminating pearl powders reflect optic radiance. Now in two shades: Radiant Yellow is especially effective on deeper skin tones and Radiant Pink for fairer skin tones. The formula disappears upon application, resulting in a beautiful glow.”

Now for the most part I agree with the description but there are some parts I take issue with, firstly I would consider it more of a cream then a gel. Also I do not find it controls oil whatsoever, I have an oily t-zone and it does nothing to help it. Lastly I have a fairer skin tone and I use Radiant Yellow and find it perfect for my complexion.

On the Mac website it also states the Key claims and Benefits of the primer:

Key Claims and Benefits

Controls oil

Smoothes and softens skin

Improves radiance

Refines skin


I spoke already about the fact I do not find it to be oil controlling. In my opinion it does smooth and soften skin and give extra moisture. It does improve radiance, I find it to give a healthy dewy glow to my complexion. It does refine skin because I find it reduces the appearance of my smaller pores. As you can see it claims that the primer is silicone-free, however, just to be aware silica is listed as an ingredient on the outer packaging.

Now for how to apply it, on the outer packaging it says “smooth evenly all over the face or to the desired areas after moisturizer (right before foundation) with finger tips.”

It is worth noting that this primer does not contain any SPF.

Because it is a Mac product in Ireland you can only get it from Brown Thomas be it online or in stores at the Mac counters.


Here is a picture of how the primer looks straight out of the bottle. The yellow is not visible when it is blended into the skin.

2. Why I love it:

I was first given a free sample of the primer in Radiant Yellow when I made a purchase at a Mac counter last year, so I said I’d give it a go and I am so happy I did.

I love having a dewy glow to my makeup and this primer helps me to achieve my desired finish.

It improves the longevity of my makeup dramatically. I find it creates such a nice base for the products and I get approximately six extra hours out of my makeup, than if I had no primer on at all. I have worn it for work, specials occasions, nights out and everyday wear and it has never let me down.

I have tried it with Estée Lauder Double Wear and Vichy Dermablend, two very different foundations and it worked perfectly with both.

One bottle lasts a very long time. A large bottle contains 50ml of product. I finished the sample around mid July 2016 and I immediately went and purchased a full sized one, today’s February 1st and I am still using that same bottle six and a half months later! A pump and a half is the amount of product I use for each application. It is the only primer I use and I wear makeup frequently so I am astonished how long this one bottle is lasting.

In the left hand photo I just have the primer and Vichy Dermablend on. In the picture on the right I have the primer and Estée Lauder Double Wear on. As you can see in the photos the primer gives a visible radiance to the skin with both foundations.

3. Price:

Because it is Mac it is on the expensive end of the scale. A 50ml bottle costs €40.00 according to the Brown Thomas website. Now like I said I have my bottle six and half months so I definitely feel like I got value for money.


On the left is my full makeup using the primer with my Vichy Dermablend and in the picture on the right is my completed makeup with the primer and Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. Natural Radiance primer has worked with any foundation I have used it with. Whilst the primer aided in the dewy appearance of both looks above please note I also spritzed my face with Mac Fix+ when I completed my makeup and before I used my setting spray just to make it that little bit dewier.

4. Packaging:

The packaging is very pretty and sleek. The outer packaging is a long shiny black rectangular box with green and red sparkles. On the front of the box is the brand name, what it is and how much product you get. The right side is blank except for he barcode. On the back says what it is and how to apply in a number of languages and then the list of ingredients. The left side is blank. On the bottom there is the Canadian and English address, it states it was made in the UK. We are also given the Mac Cosmetics web address and it tells us the product has a shelf life of twenty four months i.e. two years. On the top of the box it simply states the shade.

The primers packaging is a long black shiny cylindrical bottle, it also has the green and red sparkle that is on the outer box. It is made of plastic. It has a black round lid that contains no information bar a yellow sticker on top to indicate the shade. Around the front of the bottle it has the brand name, what it is and the amount of product. On the back it states what it is and how to apply in numerous languages, the Canadian address, that it was made in the U.K., gives Mac Cosmetics web address and that it has a shelf life of twenty four months i.e. two years. On the base of the bottle is the batch number, what the product is, what shade it is, how much product you get, Canadian and U.K. address and that it was made in the U.K.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on my blog, and if you have used this primer I’d love to know your opinion of it so please let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. Prices quoted are correct at time of writing. This post is not sponsored.

Thank you for reading! I shall be posting another blog next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week.

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I'm am a 23 year old Irish girl. I've a love for beauty and anything that sparkles hence the name. I'm not a trained makeup artist I just try products see how I feel about them and then review them!

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