Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Review

This weeks blog is all about my favourite setting spray Urban Decays All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray!

I’ll be filling you in on the following:

1. Why it is my favourite setting spray,

2. Comparing the old and new packaging and

3. Price.

1. Why it is my favourite setting spray:

On the Urban Decay website the product description states: “Is makeup meltdown ruining your midnight mojo? Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray keeps makeup looking gorgeously just-applied for up to 16 hours—without melting, fading or settling into fine lines.

Developed in an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia, our groundbreaking, tested formula is suitable for all skin types, free of oil and parabens, and features patented Temperature Control Technology. Yep, this baby actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place—even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. The result? Smoother-looking skin and vibrant makeup that lasts all day (or all night).

In a 7-day study of All Nighter:*

• 78% of participants said All Nighter helped their makeup last for 16 hours.

• Over 80% said their makeup not only looked better, it stayed on better (even in the T-zone) without settling into fine lines.

• Whether they had combination, oily or dry skin, 88% or more said All Nighter was the best product to help their makeup last.

*Based on a 50-person study.

This breakthrough formula comes in a black soft-touch bottle with a purple sprayer and a frosted white cap. Unlike similar products on the market, the sprayer delivers a calibrated, microfine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it—and once you’ve applied it, you won’t even know it’s there (until you look in the mirror to touch up your makeup, and realize you don’t need to). If you’ve tried other setting sprays that feel sticky or tight on your skin, you’ll be AMAZED by how different this is. Beware of imitations! 

Fill Weight: 118 ml / 4.0 fl oz”

It also states on the urban decay website that the setting spray is vegan.

I agree with the product description entirely. I started using the setting spray about a year ago and it is the best I have ever tried! I have only tried two drugstore brands NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray and Rimmel #Insta Fix & go. I did like NYX better than Rimmel but it only improved the longevity of my makeup by two hours and in my opinion is no where near as good as Urban Decay All Nighter. It greatly improves the longevity of my makeup compared to not using any setting spray at all and the other setting sprays that I have mentioned.

Whilst using the setting spray I have never left my makeup on for 16 hours I think the longest I have gone would be about 12 to 13 hours and it was still in place and looked good before I cleaned my face!

Also it is weightless and doesn’t change the finish of the makeup regardless if its matte or dewy. However, I do find that it gives my makeup a more flawless looking finish.

On the left is the old outer packaging and on the right is the new outer packaging.

2. Comparing the old and new Packaging:

The old packaging was predominantly white with the text in purple. Whereas the new packaging is black and purple the text on the outer packaging is white whereas it is purple on the bottle.

The new outer packaging has all the same information as the old packaging, all that is different is the typography and the colours used. The biggest packaging changes are on the bottle. The outer cap is clear instead of purple and fits better on the new bottle, the inner lid is still clear. The sprayer on the new bottle is purple whereas it is white on the old packaging. The new bottle is black with purple lettering and the old one is white with darker purple lettering. The last difference between the two is that the product information on the front of the old bottle is horizontal where as it is vertical on the new bottle.

I compared the ingredients on the old and new bottle and they are still the same so it is just the packaging that has been changed, there was no changes to the product. The ingredients are listed on the outer packaging and not on the bottle.

On the left is the list of ingredients on the older packaging and on the right is the list of ingredients on the newer packaging.

On the front of the outer packaging it has the brand initials, the name of the product, what it is, information about the product and how much product you get. On the right side of the box it says what the product is in a few different languages and lists the ingredients.

The information on the back of the box is predominately information that is in the product description, except for the directions: “After applying makeup, shake bottle well, hold 8” – 10” and mist face 2 – 4 times, in an “X” and “T” formation.” I only mist my face once in a circular motion. There is also an important warning: “Keep out of eyes. Close eyes before misting.” The left side of the box is just the information that is on the back translated into a different language.

The top of the box just has the product name. on the bottom of the box is urban decays tagline, an American and French address, states it was made in the USA with US and/or imported ingredients, there is also a barcode and that the product has a six month lifespan.

The bottle just has some of the information that’s also on the box.

A collage to show the difference in the packaging, the old packing is on the left and the new packaging is on the right in each photo.


I bought the larger 118ml bottle in Debenhams for €30.00. The price of the setting spray has not changed. I use this setting spray for everyday use, nights out and special occasions and I get at least 3 months use out of one bottle and considering how much it improves the longevity of my makeup I think it is worth the price. However, if you are like me and don’t want to drop €30.00 on a product you have never used before and are unsure weather you will like it you could do what I did and get the 30ml Travel Size All Nighter Setting Spray in Debenhams for €12.00 to test it out and see if you like it. When I finished the smaller bottle and knew I loved it I started buying the larger bottle because it works out cheaper that way.
I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on my blog, and if you have used All Nighter Setting Spray let me know your opinion of it in the comments!

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. Prices quoted are correct at time of writing. This post is not sponsored.

Thank you for reading! I shall be posting another blog next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week.


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