Mac Highlighters Review 

This week’s blog will be a review of the three Mac highlighters I own. I have Lightscapade and Soft & Gentle which are both Mineralize Skinfinish and Beaming Blush which is an Extra Dimension Skin Finish. I will be filling you in on the following:

1. Product Description,

2. Price and

3. Packaging.

In each section, I will talk about the Mineralize Skinfinishes first and then the Extra Dimension Skinfinish.

1. Product Description:

On Mac Cosmetics website, the Mineralized Skinfinish is described as: “A Luxurious, slow baked, velvet soft, domed face powder with a radiant finish. Strategically buff to add to the high points of the face or blend all over for a sheer luminous polish to the skin. Features our 77 Mineral Complex and Vitamin E.

Key Claims and Benefits:

• Provides Radiance

• Features a 77-mineral complex

• Dermatologically tested

• Ophthalmologist tested

• Non-acnegenic

Usage: Apply to face using brush as desired.”

Lightscapade 2

This is how Lightscapade looks on me. I have it on the bridge of my nose, check bones, cupids bow and chin. As you can see it gives a very pretty but subtle glow.

Lightscapade is described as: “Soft candlelit beige with multidimensional shimmer.” Soft & Gentle is described as: “Gilded peach bronze.”

I agree with all of the product description, key claims and benefits. It is a luxurious, velvety and butter like highlighter that blends beautifully onto the skin.

Lightscapade colour is as described I find it leans predominately towards a pink iridescent shade. This highlighter is more of a glow from within highlighter and I love it for an everyday subtle makeup look.

Soft & Gentle colour is as described but can be either a subtle highlight or a blinding highlight, it all depends on how much product you pick up on your brush.

Soft and Gentle 4

This is how Soft & Gentle looks on me. I applied it to the same areas of my face as Lightscapade. As you can see it it a much more noticeable and blinding highlight.

The Extra Dimension Skinfinish are described as: “Extra Dimension Skinfinish adds the perfect glow to skin. The liquid-powder highlighter, with prismatic reflections, is designed to sculpt and highlight your face, leaving a luminous, well- defined finish. The creamy powder formula lasts up to 10 hours.

Key Claims and Benefits:

• Long-wearing, 10 hours

• Non-acnegenic

• Dermatologist tested

• Ophthalmologist

• For all skin types

Usage: Apply to face using brush as desired.”

Beaming Blush is described as: “Pink that breaks gold.”

I agree with the product description, key claims and benefits of the Extra Dimension Skinfinish. It is very creamy, blends beautifully, gives an amazing glow to where it is applied and is very long wearing.

Beaming Blush is pure gold in some lights and a rose gold in others it depends on how the light hits it but either way, it is a beautifully blinding highlight!

Beaming Blush

Lastly, this is how Bleaming Blush looks on me. I am wearing it in the same areas of my face as the previous two. It is a pretty and noticeable highlighter.

2. Price:

The Mineralize Skinfinish and the Extra Dimension Skinfinish are both priced at €31.50 on Brown Thomas’ website. I know they are on the expensive end of the scale but I feel that the price is fair. Mac is a luxurious brand and their products are high quality. The highlighters are beautiful and last all day. You get 10g/ 0.35 US OZ in the Mineralize Skinfinish and 9g/ 0.31 US OZ in the Extra Dimension skin finish which is annoying considering they are the same price.

3. Packaging:

The outer packaging on the Mineralize Skinfinish is a lighter matte black all around the top half of the square cardboard box and a glossy darker black all around the bottom half of the box. On the front of the box is the brand name, product name and the amount of product. On the back is the name of the product, the list of ingredients, Canadian and English addresses, states that it was made in Italy and the Mac web address. The top of the box has a circular sticker which states what shade it is and on the bottom, there is a bar code.

The product is contained in a domed circular compact. The lid is matte rubber with a clear plastic circular window in the centre to see the product, the brand name is written underneath this. The base is a glossy plastic with a sticker on the bottom that has the following information: batch number, shade name, product name, weight, Canadian and English address and where it was made. There is also a domed circular insert to place over top of the product.

One thing I do not like about this packaging is that you must pry it open with your nails.


The Minereralize Skinfinish packaging. Lightscapade is on the left and I love the way the product is marbleized in the pan.

The Extra Dimension Skinfinish packaging is slightly different. On the outer packaging, all the information is in the same place as the Mineralize Skinfinish, the only differences are that the packaging is the same matte black all over with a hole in the middle of the front of the box so you can see the product.

The main differences are in the compact, the Extra Dimension Skinfinish is slimmer but wider, it has a larger circular window on the lid and the brand name is written on this lid instead of underneath it. The compact has the same glossy packaging all around and only the lid is slightly domed the base of the compact and the product is flat. It also has a button you press to open it.

The Mineralize Skinfinsh all look different to one another in the pan whereas the Extra Dimension Skinfinish all have lines embossed onto the top 2/3 of the product and the Mac logo embossed onto the remaining 1/3.

Packaging collage

The Extra Dimension Skinfinish packaging.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on my blog, and if you have used any of the Mac highlighters please let me know your opinion of them in the comments!

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. Prices quoted are correct at time of writing. This post is not sponsored.

Thank you for reading! I shall be posting another blog next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week.

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I'm am a 23 year old Irish girl. I've a love for beauty and anything that sparkles hence the name. I'm not a trained makeup artist I just try products see how I feel about them and then review them!

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