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This week’s blog is a review of the Jeffree Star X MannyMUA collaboration. This collaboration is limited addition but it is coming back in stock on Jeffree Star Cosmetics website this Saturday, May 13th at 10 am PST (Pacific Standard Time) so I said I would review it. There are three products in the collaboration a Skin Frost highlighter named “Eclipse” and two Velour Liquid Lipsticks “Daddy” and “I’m Shook”. I’ll be talking about:

  1. Product Description,
  2. My thoughts on the Products,
  3. Packaging and
  4. Price.
  1. Product Description:

The descriptions of all 3 products are as follows on Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) website:

The Skin Frost Highlighter Eclipse is described as:This shade is a blinding pale icy peach.

The Velour Liquid Lipstick shade Daddy is described as This shade is a gorgeous cool toned brown.” Lastly, I’m Shook which is also a Velour Liquid Lipstick, is described as This shade is a beautiful medium toned burnt coral.”

I agree with all of the product descriptions I think they perfectly surmise the shades.

Look using Eclipse

A look I created using Eclipse Skin Frost.

  1. My Thoughts on the Products:

I have used Eclipse about 3 times I think and it is a beautiful blinding highlight. However, each time I have had the same issue when I apply it to my checks using the Real Techniques Setting Brush – which is the brush I always highlight with – it seems to wipe away what ever products I have underneath it, such as my foundation and concealer. It still applies to my checks and highlights my checks but I wish my base wasn’t wiped away. I only have this problem on my checks it applies to my nose, chin, Cupid’s bow and brow bone perfectly. I do not have any other of the JSC Skin Frosts so I cannot say if the others would do the same on my cheeks with the same highlighting brush. I really love this highlighter so I will continue to use it in the areas it does not wipe away my base and try different application techniques to get it to work on my checks.

Onto the Velour Liquid Lipsticks:

Daddy first, it is a lovely colour but I am not fond of it on myself. I feel it makes my skin look as if it has a greyish tinge and washes me out. I will continue to keep trying it and I hope I will eventually love it.

Onto I’m Shook. I love it, it is a very pretty summer colour and is very flattering on. I do have two of JSC’s permanent Velour Liquid Lipsticks Celebrity Skin and Mannequin and in comparison I’m Shook is much more drying and uncomfortable on the lips than the permanent ones I own. I wear liquid lipstick often so I am used to them being drying and somewhat uncomfortable so that did not bother me. I find I’m Shook to be long lasting. As I have not worn Daddy for more than a few minutes I can not say whether it is long lasting or not. On application both Daddy and I’m Shook are highly pigmented and non-streaky.

Essentially I would recommend all three of the collaboration products. With Eclipse maybe use a different brush with it? The only reason I don’t love Daddy is because I don’t currently like it on me but that could change. There is nothing actually wrong with the product, it is just my own personal preference. I highly recommend I’m Shook I love it and will definitely be wearing it a lot.


Above are swatches on my hand of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I’m Shook is on top and Daddy is on the bottom.

  1. Packaging:

The packaging is amazing, you can tell a lot of thought and work went into it. The outer packaging on all three items is holographic black with a triangular effect which is very different for JSC whose permanent packaging is pink.

I will talk about the Skin Frost packaging first. The outer packaging is a square cardboard box. The inside of the box is pink. On the outer packaging, there is Manny’s and JSC’s logos and names, the product name, what the product is and the net weight which is 15g/0.53 oz. On the back is the barcode, states the product is vegan and cruelty-free, beauty tip on application, Manny’s logo, ingredients, an American postal address, states it was made in the USA, JSC’s web address and Instagram and  Jeffree’s YouTube channel URL. There is nothing on the sides of the box except for the top which has the shade name on it.

As for the compact that contains the Skin Frost, it is large, circular and matte black. On the lid is Jeffree Star Cosmetics logo and name in holographic. On the bottom of the compact is a lot of the information that was on the box except in pink font. Inside the compact on the lid, is a really big mirror which is fantastic. The skin has Jeffree’s and Manny logos risen up from the compact which I think is a nice touch.


You can see in the photo how the logos are embossed and rise up from the Pan.

The Velour Liquid Lipsticks packaging which is the same for both Daddy and I’m Shook. The outer packaging is rectangular and cardboard and the inside of the boxes are pink. On the front are both YouTubers logos, what the product is and the net weight 0.19FL.0Z/ 5.6ML. On the right side, it states that they are long lasting, has a Matte Finish are Cruelty-Free and Vegan, application instructions the JSC’s website and Instagram and Jeffree’s YouTube Channel URL. On the back, it states the shade, has a barcode, says shake well before use and has Manny’s logo. On the left side of the box is the list of ingredients, an American postal address and states it was made in the USA. The top of the box has the shade name and is blank on the bottom.

The Velour Liquid Lipstick container is clear on the bottom so you can see the product through it, has a black rim around the top with holographic stars. The lid is also black with the JSC logo which is holographic as well. There is a Doe Foot applicator attached to the lid for a clean, precise and easy application. The collaborations applicators are the same as Jeffree’s permanent ones.

Packaging collage

A collage of the packaging. In the top left is a photo of the products. The top right is the back of the outer packaging. The bottom left is the front of the outer packaging and the photo you get with the order. Middle bottom is the doe foot applicator for the Velour Liquid Lipsticks and on the bottom right is the front of the Skin Frost compact.

  1. Price.

I was unable to get the bundle so I purchased each item separately. The bundle whiich is exclusive to the JSC website contained all 3 items that come in a box and retailed for $50. The Skin Frost costs $29 which is the same price as the other JSC Skin Frosts. The Velour Liquid Lipsticks costs $18 each which is the same price as the permanent ones. The total was $65 but for the first time they had a discount code on JSC which is MANNYMUA for 10% off the products, plus shipping to Ireland which was $8.79, so my total was $67.29 which on that day was approximately €63. I did not get charged customs but that does not necessarily mean that other people didn’t or that you will not if you order on Saturday.

Eclipse and I’m Shook are currently individually in stock on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Website and Daddy is out of stock, I presume it’ll be back in stock individually on Saturday. The bundle box is coming back into stock on Saturday.

I think for the size of the products and the fact that they are of a high-end quality that they are worth the money.

I will try new application techniques for Eclipse and if I find one that works I will post it on my Instagram: The Irish Unicorn Beauty Blog. Also if you want to know any of the products I used in look featured in this blog post they will be up on my Instagram also.

Look using JSCManny

For this look I used Eclipse and I’m Shook.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on my blog, and if you have any of the products please let me know your opinion of them in the comments!

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. Prices quoted are correct at time of writing. This post is not sponsored.

Thank you for reading! I shall be posting another blog next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week.

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I'm am a 23 year old Irish girl. I've a love for beauty and anything that sparkles hence the name. I'm not a trained makeup artist I just try products see how I feel about them and then review them!

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