BaByliss Tight Curls Wand Review

Before I get into this weeks blog I just want to say sorry for not posting last week I was very busy.

This week’s blog is a review of the BaByliss Tight Curls Wand. I’ll be talking about the following

1. Product Description,
2. My Opinion of the Curler,
3. Price and
4. Packaging

1.Product Description:

The Product Description on the BaByliss website is in the Information Booklet and it states: “The BaByliss Tight Curls Wand is a professional styler that creates perfectly defined curls without kinks. The ultra-slim and extra-long 110mm ceramic barrel creates perfectly defined curls with a smooth finish, ideal for curling longer hair. Easy to use, simply wrap hair around the barrel for fast styling.


Up to 210C high heat

Ultra-slim 10mm ceramic barrel

Long length barrel

Fast heat up ready to use in 30 seconds

Heat settings from 120C to 210C

On/off button

Heat ready indicator

Integrated heat rest

Auto shut off

2.5m swivel cord

Heat Protective Glove

Heat Mat

3 year guarantee

Temperature settings:

Min – 2 = 120C – 130C

2 – 4 = 130C – 150C

4 – 6 = 150C – 170C

6 – 8 = 170C – 190C

8 – Max = 190C – 210C”

Look 1
My hair after styling it with the curler.

2. My Opinion of the Curler:

I agree with the all of the Product Description. However, from my own experience if you are curling your hair from root to end and your hair is extremely long then you will have to curl the ends separately because all the hair will not fit on the barrel. I’ve cut my hair and it is now half way down my back it fits perfectly on the barrel.

I have long thick hair and I use my hair straightener and loose curling wand on 210C so I said I would do the same first time trying this BaByliss curler. Two words BIG MISTAKE!! Like I said my hair was long so the start of the stand of hair was on the curler a few seconds before I could get the remainder of the hair on the barrel. Then I noticed the hair burning quite badly so after 3 seconds from when I got the last bit of hair I had put on the barrel I took it off. The part that had been on it the longest was frizzy and the curl was not pretty and then the part that hadn’t been on the curler long was practically straight. Not a cute look! So I straightened that section and tried out a few different heats and I settled on 3 which is approximately 140C. This curls my hair exactly how I want it to be. Just a word of warning from my own experience, constant use will destroy the ends of your hair.

One thing that annoys me is that it does not come with a heat bag that you could put it in and travel with it straight after use like the majority of hair style tools do. Also if you have larger hands like I do the glove is far too small.

I do love the curler it styles my hair perfectly it just took me a few tries to get the perfect temperature. The tight curls are my go to look for a night out when I have plenty of time to get ready because it takes 45 minutes to do my hair when I do them but I think the final result is worth it.

My hair is good for holding a style but I always spray a good amount of Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold Hairspray to secure it.

Look 2
My hair after curling it with the BaByliss Tight Curls Wand

3. Price:

On the BaByliss website, it retails for £25. On Boots Irish website it is €32.99. On Debenhams Irish website it is €35.00. On the Argos Irish website it is €31.99.

Now I thinking these prices are very reasonable because it’s a high-quality hair tool that does exactly what it says it will.

look 3
Another photo of my hair after it was styled with the wand.

4. Packaging:

The outer packaging is a black rectangular cardboard box. On the front is a woman with curly hair, the product name, some of the product features, the brand logo, the brand slogan and an image of the curler that is raised from the box. On the top of the box are the brand logo and slogan. On the back are the product name, product features, brand logo, brand slogan, brand URL and a picture of the curler. On the bottom of the box is U.K. Postal address, the barcode, model number, Voltage, Hertz and states it was made in the P.R.C. On both ends of the box are the brand logo, brand slogan, product name and the picture of the curler.

The curler itself has a long black lead and a red handle. On the handle is the brand logo, an on and off button with the heat ready indicator and a dial you twist to select the heat settings. I thought I would hate the heat dial because I am used to an LED screen but I actually don’t mind it. The barrel is silver with a black cool tip.

Packaging collage
The packaging collage.

Thank you for reading! If you have used the BaByliss Tight Curls Wand I’d love to know your opinion on it.

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed are my own. Prices are correct at time of writing. This blog post is not sponsored.

You can find the product lists for the looks featured in this post on my Instagram.

I’ll be posting another blog next Wednesday. I hope you have a fantastic week!

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