BaByliss Tight Curls Wand Review

Before I get into this weeks blog I just want to say sorry for not posting last week I was very busy.

This week’s blog is a review of the BaByliss Tight Curls Wand. I’ll be talking about the following

1. Product Description,
2. My Opinion of the Curler,
3. Price and
4. Packaging

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My Favourite Curling Wand For Loose Curls

In this weeks blog I shall be writing about my favourite wand for loose curls, the Remington Silk Curling Wand CI96W1.

Curls are my go to hairstyle for nights out and special occasions. I like how they look on me and how they frame my face. I have very long thick hair that does take a while to style but the end result is worth the effort!

I’ll be filling you in on:

  1. Where you can purchase and the price,
  2. The packaging,
  3. The curler itself and
  4. How I like to use the wand.

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