My Favourite Curling Wand For Loose Curls

In this weeks blog I shall be writing about my favourite wand for loose curls, the Remington Silk Curling Wand CI96W1.

Curls are my go to hairstyle for nights out and special occasions. I like how they look on me and how they frame my face. I have very long thick hair that does take a while to style but the end result is worth the effort!

I’ll be filling you in on:

  1. Where you can purchase and the price,
  2. The packaging,
  3. The curler itself and
  4. How I like to use the wand.

  1. Where you can purchase and the price,

There are numerous nationwide retailers that stock the wand, it is on the Boots Website for €39.99. Harvey Norman website has it currently reduced from €34.95 to €27.95. The curler is also on sale on the Debenhams website it was €36.50 and is now €31.50. My wand was given to me as a present in late 2015 so I don’t know where it was purchased or how much for.

I used the Remington Silk Curling Wand to style my hair for my college graduation and I was delighted with how my curls turned out.

  1. The Packaging:

The packaging is basic but informative, it comes in a narrow  long rectangular cardboard box with information about the wand and what comes with it. Both ends, round the edges of the front, back, top and bottom is a deep purplish brown colour. The bottom is plain white. However the rest is a purplish pink that looks like a silk sheet is underneath the writing and images.

On the top of the box is just the brand name and what the product is.

On the front of the box is a picture of the curling wand with the brand logo above, what is underneath and information about it to the right.

On the bottom of the box is the barcode, a German and English based postal addresses, it also states that the product has a 5 year guarantee and is made in China. We are told the voltage and weight as well.

The back of the box has the brand name, what it is, information about the curler, a picture of a woman using the curler, Twitter and Facebook logo, the Remington website and. QR code.

Both ends of the box are the same they state the brand, what it is and a picture of the product.

The front and the back of the packaging.

  1. The curler itself:

Has a black conical barrel that measures 13mm-25mm for soft, loose curls. A digital display is located on the red handle of the curler. The temperature range is from 120 degrees Celsius to 220 Degrees Celsius. If you hold down the minus bottom that controls the temperature you can lock in  the desired heat i.e. once it is locked and if you press the plus or minus button the temperature of the wand will not change, you can unlock the temperature by just holding down the minus button. It heats up quickly around 30 seconds. The tip of the barrel does not heat up it remains cool. There is an automatic safety shut off which means that the curler will switch itself off if no button has been pressed or if it is left on after 60 minutes. It comes with a protective glove to help prevent accidental burns, I lost mine but I never used it. It has a heat resistant pouch to store it in. The power cord swivels and is 3 meters long.

The information booklet has a table to tell you a recommended temperature range for your hair type:

Temperature Hair Type
120 – 170 Thin/ Fine, damaged or bleached hair.
170 – 200 Normal, healthy hair.
200 – 220 Thick, very curly and difficult to style hair.


A picture of the curler and the heat resistant bag that comes with it.

  1. How I like to use the wand:

When I know I am curling my hair I tend to wash it the day before styling so it is not too fresh this way I normally get 2 – 3 days out of the curls without using a ridiculous amount of hairspray. If I wash it the day I curl my hair I have to use a good bit more hairspray than usual to hold the style.

I have thick healthy hair but my preferred temperature is 220 I did try out other temperatures but I was unhappy with the results. At most I use the curler once a week so I don’t find that it damages my hair. I tend to wrap approximately 1/2 or 3/4 of  the length of my hair around the barrel to get my desired style and I leave the hair on the wand for 10 seconds after I have wrapped the ends around it.

I always lock in the heat because the buttons are located under the digital display that show the temperature and I am constantly accidentally pressing them when I am doing my hair.

There is only one hairspray I use and that is the Wella Shockwaves Ultra Strong Power Hold Hairsprays. I have used other brands but I did not find them as long lasting or as strong at holding a hairstyle in place as this one. It is the only one I will use and I have gone through about 5 bottles of it

A picture of my favourite hairspray that you can get in most supermarket.

I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on my blog, and if you have used the curler and/or the hairspray I’d love to know your opinion of it so please let me know in the comments!

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed and photos used are my own. Prices quoted are correct at time of writing. This post is not sponsored.

Thank you for reading! I shall be posting another blog next Wednesday so stay tuned and I hope you have a fantastic week.


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